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Usage Instructions

Squirt Lube is a bio-degradable wax based lubricant designed for bicycle chain lubrication in all weather conditions. Preparation and application are crucial to achieving the maximum benefits out of Squirt Lube's unique wax formula. Please read and follow the instructions below to achieve the best results and efficiency!

  • Factory grease, old lube or oil are sticky and prevent Squirt lube from penetrating into the cavities between the chain pins, rollers and plates where it is needed to do its lubricating job. Other lubes and factory grease can also have a chemical reaction with the waxes in Squirtlube, limiting their efficiency and leaving a black residue.
  • We advise degreasing a new, out of the box, chain completely. There are various ways to degrease depending on the stickiness of the factory grease, old lube or oil, but soaking the chain in a container with a degreaser or mineral spirits should work. However after degreasing it is imperative to clean off all degreaser thoroughly, and rinse properly a few times. Allow the chain to dry completely.
  • Apply Squirtlube to the rollers on the inside of the chain.
  • On a MTB you can apply Squirtlube liberally to the chain, don't wipe it off, and let it dry completely before your ride. Never degrease again, just use a dry brush once in a while. Even when you wash the bike, don't degrease the chain. Let it dry, apply a new coat, and allow the wax to build up in the links, and you will have better shifting, no chain suck, and much longer drive train life.
  • For road riding we suggest that you apply a thin stream on the inside of the chain as you rotate the cranks backwards. Allow a few minutes for the lube to penetrate into the gaps between the pins, plates and rollers, and then wipe the outside of the chain with a rag, taking most of the remaining lube off. Now let the Squirtlube dry properly. In the event of the chain on a road bike going a bit black (soft rubber residue on some tar roads), still don't degrease. Only use Squirt's Bio Bike cleaners (not as a concentrate but diluted to bike wash) to wash lightly. (This info is also on our website's home page, a link at the bottom of the page).
  • Dirt will generally not stick to dry Squirtlube, and the little bit that may, will eventually flake off with the lube.
  • How often Squirt should be applied depends on the riding conditions. After a short while the rider will learn how long an application will last in his conditions. Of course, when he hears a dry chain noise, he should have applied already - so for the first few rides, while he learns about his conditions, it may be a good idea to take a small sample bottle with him on his rides. Generally, every 4 hours on the MTB, and 6 hours on the road bike.
  • Applying Squirt after a ride is a good idea as the lube will be dry and ready for the next ride. When anticipating a ride in wet conditions, application the night before will ensure that the lube is dry the next day.

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