Stronglight Technology

Aluminium 5083

5083 standard chain alloy rings. Available in silver or black anodized.

stronglight technology alu5083

Technology CT2

7075-T6 alloy chain rings with a Ceramic Teflon coating.

This treatments reduces the friction, prevents wear and optimizes the precision of the indexation especially under efforts.

stronglight technology ct2

Aluminium 7075-T6

7075-T6 alloy provides an optimum of hardness to our chain rings. This chain ring is 5 times more resistant than the standard 5083 chain ring.

stronglight technology alu7075-T6

Technology CSA

Indexation system for the chain rings (Chain Shifting Assistance) for a smoother and better shifting under efforts. All the 7075, CT3 and HT3 chain rings are equipped with CSA and with CSA+ for competition.

stronglight technology CSA

Technology HT3

7075-T6 alloy chain rings with a Titanium oxide electro Ceramic coating.

This exclusive treatment provides an ULTRA HARD surface for a long service life (hardness: 1.5; identical to CT2)..

Friction and abrasion coefficient significantly reduced (0.2-0.3) offer a noise reduction and an excellent corrosion resistance.